10B, 10/F, Sing Teck Factory Building,
44 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang
T +852 9733 6337 David Boyce / 9082 8176 Kirsteen Pieterse
E [email protected], [email protected]
www.davidboyce.net, www.kirsteenpieterse.com

Opening hours: By appointment only

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WorkShop is the studio and creative workspace of David Boyce and Kirsteen Pieterse. This space is also shared from time to time with other invited artists.


Based in Hong Kong, the Scottish sculptor Kirsteen Pieterse draws upon the precarious relationship between man and built environments in her work. Her sculpture and drawings fuse her interest in the subject of landscape, in Western and Chinese painting, with contemporary large-scale engineering construction and infrastructure. It attempts to call to mind the massive engineering projects which impose on the contemporary landscape. Pieterse works towards exhibitions and public art commissions.

She gained a BA (Hons) Fine Art from the Glasgow School of Art and her MA Art in Architecture from the University of East London.

於香港及澳洲生活的蘇格蘭雕塑家Kirsteen Pieterse以人和建築環境之間的關係為創作題材。她的雕像仿似建築模型,以象徵人造結構的不安而非頌揚人類超越自然的創造力。


David Boyce is a New Zealand born and now Hong Kong based conceptually driven visual artist.

David is primarily interested in and explores areas around influence and originality, memory, identity, and language. He is also interested in an area he refers to as, very loosely, “Random Beauty”, and is an attempt to consider and explore ideas around beauty in the overlooked and mundane aspects of the everyday world. All these interests divide and converge across the range of areas, themes and concepts that are part of my everyday interaction with the world.

David is project driven and this results in distinct, individual, but still interrelated bodies of work. This can take many different forms. Generally it is a substantial group of images, and more recently, objects, sounds and text that form a unified work. While aesthetic is important I also don't want work that rests on only one foundation. I am also interested in work that is ephemeral and disposable. These can be simple text based works that I post on social media sites or more performative works around memory. I find that these projects inform and challenge my approach to my more traditional work.

Whilst working in a predominantly conceptual arena my work acknowledges a wide range of influences. These range from renaissance artists to abstract impressionists, minimalists to postmodernists. My work is held in a number of private, public and corporate collections in New Zealand, North America, Europe and Asia.

Kirsteen Pieterse Studio
Kirsteen Pieterse, Construction Timber Mountains’, studio shot
David Boyce
David Boyce, Detail of the installation “Instructions”
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