Whitestone Gallery
28/F, Global Trade Square, 21 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong
T +852 2523 8001
E [email protected]
Opening Hours: Tue - Sat: 11am -7pm, Sunday reservation only
Contact person: Ji Young Park

Whitestone Gallery
current exhibition

Founded in the heart of Tokyo in 1967, Whitestone Gallery has been one of a small number of pioneering galleries in Japan. Whitestone Gallery Hong Kong is the first overseas operation of the gallery, and is not only a platform for introducing East Asian artists to the international market, but also a path to bring international art scene into Japan. With extensive survey on East Asian post-war period artists and art movements, the gallery hopes to create a new dialogue about the relationship between contemporary and modern art in Asia, and add more diversity to the multicultural art scene in Hong Kong.

Whitestone Gallery's spacious exhibition space in South Island will be hosting in-depth exhibitions to explore Asian modern and contemporary art in conjunction with local art institutions and businesses.

Whitestone Gallery於1967年在東京的核心地帶成立,一直是日本畫廊業少數的先驅之一。香港Whitestone Gallery是該畫廊在海外設立的首個分店,不但是向國際市場介紹東亞藝術家的平台,也是向日本引進國際藝術動向的渠道。通過對東亞戰後藝術家及藝術運動的廣泛調查,畫廊希望為亞洲當代與現代藝術的關係提供更多對話空間,並且為香港匯聚多元文化的藝壇增添姿彩。

Whitestone Gallery在港島南區設有寬敞的展覽空間,並即將舉辦具深度的展覽,與本地的藝術機構和企業一起探討亞洲的現代與當代藝術。

Whitestone Gallery
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