McNamara Art Projects
202, The Factory, 1 Yip Fat Street
Wong Chuk Hang
E [email protected]
Opening Hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 12:00 - 5:00pm
Contact persons : Greg McNamara, Founder ; Daniel Lippitsch, Director
McNamara Art Projects
current exhibition

McNamara Art Projects is an independent art consultancy and curatorial body founded in 2015. Based in Hong Kong, the platform is committed to delivering quality art to the public in urban centres, with a vision to shift mass appreciation for art and develop audience engagement through an annual series of innovative exhibitions.

McNamara Art Projects also provides guidance in shaping public and private collections on an international level, with a focus on Western modern and contemporary art. At the core of the exhibition practice lies a series of distinctively curated collaborations with international galleries, with the mission of promoting cross-cultural exchange between Asia, Europe and the United States.

McNamara Art Projects 在 2015 年成立,是一家独立艺术顾问和策展机构。我 们立足香港,致力在城中展示国际级艺术品,将艺术融入生活场景。我们以 推动艺术普及教育为己任,利用创意概念呈献不同展览,提升大众对艺术的 认识和欣赏力。

在博物馆和私人收藏家的艺术购藏活动方面,McNamara Art Projects 也积极 提供指导,尤其聚焦于现代和当代西方艺术。通过与世界级艺术机构合作, 我们策展拼凑独特的艺术风景,在亚洲、欧洲和美国促进跨文化交流。

McNamara Art Projects
McNamara Art Projects
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