Marsha Roddy Studio
20/F Aberdeen Industrial Building
236 Aberdeen Main Road, Aberdeen
T +852 9863 4671
Open Hours: By appointment
Contact person: Marsha Roddy
Marsha Roddy Studio
current exhibition

Marsha Roddy, originally from London, is an artist and designer who exploresthree-dimensional space, movement, texture and how these interlink with human connection and expression. Marsha has a passion for paper, experimenting with its fragility and strength, manipulating it into large sculptures and enjoying the traditions of working on it in ink, pastel and pencil. Paper plays an important role in her live art performance pieces when collaborating with dancers and choreographers.

She believes our creative work saves us from forgetting what really matters, it requires us to be present in the act of doing, working on a level that is beyond words or emotions – that connects deep within our soul. Her enthusiasm and energy is reflected in many inspirational projects she has worked on across the globe.  She loves working in her studio, a sanctuary for creativity amongst the bustling streets of Aberdeen.

Marsha Roddy是一位來自倫敦的藝術家及設計師,作品探索三維空間、動態及質感,與人際關係和情感表達的互相影響。Marsha 熱愛用紙張創作,利用紙張脆弱又同時堅韌的特色,創作大型雕塑,亦喜愛用傳統方式如墨、蠟筆及鉛筆在紙上加工。在她與舞蹈家及排舞師合作的即場藝術演出中, 紙張扮演著重要


Marsha Roddy Studio
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