Longmen Art Projects
Unit 1905-06, 19th Floor, Global Trade Square
21 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang
T +852 3188 9565
E [email protected]
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11:00am - 7:00pm
Contact person: Adrien Delestre
Longmen Art Projects
current exhibition

Inheriting the legacy of Taipei Lung Men Art Gallery (1975 – 2002), Longmen Art Projects was established in the fall of 2010 in Shanghai. Marching through two generations of art history and under the direction of two-generation gallerists, Longmen Art Projects’ mission is to advance on its solid foundation in 20th century modern Chinese art and march towards 21st century Asian contemporary art. Longmen Art Projects is committed to discover and promote outstanding contemporary artists through the highest standards of diligence and professionalism.

畫廊簡介 : 2010 年秋,承繼其前身 1975-2002 年運營於臺灣臺北的龍門畫廊, “龍門雅集 Longmen Art Projects” 創設於上海。 走過亞洲現代、當代美術 歷史並具兩代人經營特色的龍門雅集,創辦理念自始便以 20 世紀現代藝術思 潮為前導,與時代同軌地將經營內涵隨著美術思潮更迭的步伐,延伸至 21 世 紀亞洲與中國當代藝術的範疇領域中,致力尋求優秀當代藝術俊傑,並以專 業推廣手法在國際間開創新局。

Artists represented:Walasse TING, CHUANG Che, HSIAO Chin, LU Ming-te, YE Yongqing, LIU Yung-Jen, LI Lei, HUANG Zhiyang, LIN Hairong, HAN Yajuan, LUO Dan, YANSHA Zian

丁雄泉,莊喆,蕭勤,盧明德,葉永青,劉永仁,黃致陽,李磊,林海容, 韓婭娟,羅丹,閻沙子安

Longmen Art Projects

View of Introspection and Exploration: Artistic Generations in Asia

Longmen Art Projects

Liao Shiou-Ping, Gate of New Hope, Acrylic & Gold leaf on canvas, 2013

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