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Caroline Chiu Studio
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Wunderkammer were 17th- and 18th-century European "wonder rooms" or "cabinets of curiosity"––some of the earliest known "museums"––which contained specimens reflecting the natural world, anthropology, archaeology, relics, and art. The late Qing emperor Qianlong, known for his passion for the arts, also pursued this type of collecting.

In Caroline Chiu's case, she collects, by photography, objects representing the material culture of traditional China: bonsai, scholar's rocks, flowers, artworks depicting the animal zodiac, and goldfish. Her choice of subjects makes reference to historical Chinese culture; her graphic photographic images of goldfish suggest the brushstrokes of traditional Chinese ink painting and the sweeping abstract shapes of Chinese writing.

Because Chiu's images were taken with a rare 20 x 24 inch Polaroid camera—for which film is no longer manufactured––her work is also an elegy to the era of Polaroid cameras and film.

Wunderkammer 於十七至十八世紀歐洲解作"多寶櫃", 亦是博物館的先祖 - 盛載着自然科學丶人類學丶考古學丶文物和藝術等文化玩物。晚清的乾隆皇熱愛藝術, 亦有收藏多寶櫃。

趙汝賢以攝影收藏中國傳統文人的價值趣味,盆景丶山石丶花草丶動物等。她選擇的中國傳統歷史物件為題, 她相中的金魚如傳統水墨筆觸及書畫的抽象輪廓。

趙氏以二十吋乘廿四吋寶麗萊攝影, 該大型底片已不再生產,以她的作品又見證着一寶麗萊相機及底片時代的終結。

Caroline Chiu Studio CCS Caroline Chiu Studio
Goldfish, unique Polaroid photograph
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